For too long Americans have been saddled high taxes, sluggish economic growth, and massive government debt. These trends are unsustainable and threaten the quality of life prospects for our children and grandchildren. Middle-class families and our small businesses are overburdened by taxes.

We need thorough reform that simplifies our tax code and cuts rates, ensuring every American receives tax relief and businesses have the capital needed to invest in their companies; eliminate burdensome regulations; and support trade policies to create more, better-paying jobs.

After spending the past 10 years advising lawmakers on bipartisan foreign policy outcomes, Jeremy is uniquely in tune with the threats facing our nation. Our two gravest threats are that of a nuclear North Korea and Iran.

We must move beyond making national security and foreign policy decisions on party lines, and reinvest in our armed forces ensuring we are ready to address the challenges of the future. Jeremy will never let party politics dictate how we react when our security and that of our allies is at stake.

From cradle to career, every child deserves access to world-class schools. As a father of three young children, Jeremy will make sure our schools are preparing our children for the jobs of today – and tomorrow.

Additionally, we must strive to bring down the ballooning cost of college, and ensure access to quality vocational and technical training – making sure education and training is meeting the needs of job seekers and employers.

Our federal government has been plagued with representatives who are more interested in playing party politics than serving the American people. Brad Schneider has continually been ranked as one of the most partisan and most ineffective members of Congress. His voting record does not reflect the interests of our communities; instead, he votes with Nancy Pelosi nearly every time.

Our community deserves real leadership and accomplishments, not lockstep partisanship and gridlock. Jeremy will always put people ahead of the party bosses to achieve solutions that benefit our communities and our country.